Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey, who is that miniature preschool student in purple pants?  Oh, that's Penny enjoying her one and only day of preschool with big sister Lydia the last time she was the star for the day.  By watching them play at recess it was clear that Penny was just about as comfortable as Lydia with the other kids.  We couldn't have asked for a better preschool experience for Lydia.  Here are a few preschool facts:

School Name: Watch Me Grow
Years: 2010-2012
Teachers: Grandma Smith and Miss Julie
Class According to Teachers: The Best Behaved and Most Mild
Lydia According to Teachers:  Same as above.  J/k, that's not fair to the others :)
Lydia's Highlights:
-Learning to do the monkey bars
-Being the star for the day
-Homework assignments
-Learning to read
-Meeting Jada Phillips as a new friend
-Having neighbor Mason as a carpool buddy
-Showing mom and dad the crafts she made

We are so proud of you Lydia.  If you maintain your passion for learning you will always be successful as a student.  What a wonderful start to a lifetime of learning.

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Ashley said...

Jada looks like a giant next to Lydia! I'm so glad that they could become friends. Will you text me your new address - Jada wants to send Lydia something in the mail.