Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 2 (Knotts Berry Farm)

I didn't get any pictures of Penny on rides because she had a melt down on all the ones she went on. She was happy on the sidelines drinking soda and eatin cotton candy. Good thing she was FREE. But apparently from the pictures Lydia and I both had a great time. (Yes, that is the kiddie coaster and it was awesome). Lydia had to have the green monkey she spotted right when we got to the park. Even after all day it was the only souvenir she was interested in. Lydia still talks about riding the Ferry Go Round and the Roller Posters.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day One In California (The Beach)

Monday morning we woke up and took a spontaneous trip to California. It was so nice. Thanks to Ryan and Julie for letting us stay. We had so much fun. The girls loved the beach and we ended up staying the whole day. Penny's diaper was completely full of sand and I had to beg Lydia to even look at me because she was so busy playing. We saw some whales and surfers when we were up on the Pier. It was a really great day.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ruby's Dance Studio

Our bed is our private dance studio.

Almost everyday Lydia puts on this black leotard and begs me to pretend to be her dance teacher. It is pretty hysterical to think of me teaching dance ha ha. She also wants to wear her leotard to school and church. We will have to get her signed up for a dance class once her surgery is finished on her leg I am sure they can do a much better job then I can.

Hi Dada Dada

Penny's lastest favorite thing to do is walk around the house with my phone
saying, " hi Dada Dada" pretty melty.
There is just something about this age that seems so magical to me.

Do you Remember these Babies?

Lydia got these for herself today while shopping D.I. ($3.00) yup she got a smoking deal. She wore them all night even in the car on the way to Taylor's work. Then she had to take them for show and tell the next day too. I thought it was so cute. I told her I had a pair just like them when I was her age and she keep asking if they were mine. It was nice to be outside finally we all got sick last week so this was our first day up and running since.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let it Snow (in Beaver)

Bundling up before the big run

Heading for the big jump!

Getting air and a bruised bottom!

All by herself.

Our Ghetto Snowman.
Swinging is one of Lydia's favorite things to do. Poor Penny was to sick to come out with us maybe next time. Thank Grandma and Grandpa we will let it snow at your house anytime.