Saturday, July 12, 2008

You have got to see this!

When filming this commericail they noticed what looks like a figure of a ghost watch and see if you can spot it out in the upper right hand corn when the car comes out from around the trees on the last bend. here is the link to you tube.

Me and My Girl

Thanks Huene you did a great job with the pictures. We are so spoiled to have Lydia get these wonderful outifits and pics.
This outfit was made by my friend Huene she had Lydia be her model. She sells custom made clothing on Ebay and Etsy there is a link to her website on my blog. She does a great job if any of you are needing something extra special. or her blog

The most beautiful baby

Lydia loves to play with her blinds by her changing table. I couldn't help but get a picture of these cute little buns.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Parade

I couldn't wait to post these picture from this morning. I decided to decorate Lydia's car last night for the parade and well I sort of got in over my head. I decided I wanted it to look like a firecracker as you can see. The front was made with our office waste baskest and the fumes in the back was a tomato sauce can. I had alot of fun decorating in and couldn't wait to see Lydia's face when she saw it. She keep saying "Hi Car" it was hillarous. She had alot of fun and so did the big kids as you will see in the pictures below.

A little American Firecracker
Two big kids!

America is #1.

Baby Quail

Taylor caught a baby Gambel Quail in our backyard yesterday there was a family with about 6 babies running through it was way cute. I looked up an article about Quail after we caught him and found it very interesting. FYI we did let him go right after I got some pictures.