Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Penny 18 months

I guess its time for me to give up the Binky.  I remember doing this with Lydia and I am dreading it.

At the start of the summer neither of the girls were too excited about the water. But I am happy to report that Lydia can now swim (well at least she thinks she can we have some work to do, but she is much better.) and Penny is a little fish now too. So hopefully we will be spending some more time at the pool until things cool off.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Dreams really do come true!  I finally got the pictures edited from the photo shoot our family did with my friend Jess over two months ago.  I know I can't believe I let these sit.  I think I am going to melt every time I watch this.  It was a process arranging to get this bus. I think the guys that rent these were so sick of me calling.  But it was worth the wait.  Thanks again Jess I love them. 

My Dad got a new Harley and I took some pictures of my parents on it at the El Bambi, an old cafe' where I grew up.  I love that my parents want to do things together and are not  afraid of anything.  They wake up everyday and run together and go to the gym. ( No more excuses for the rest of us including me.)  Taylor and I have named them the best empty nester's ever.   Not very many grandparents of seven little spanks ride a Harley. LOL  Sorry it took so long mom I hope you like them.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You Rock My Socks Off

Taylor just got back from Colorado and he brought these socks back for Lydia. Of course Penny had to try them on and I couldn't resist taking some pictures. I am now soaking the heals in bleach. What I won't do to get a picture.

Friday, August 5, 2011


We were having a quiet 24th of July enjoying our sparklers when the neighbors next to my parents started the field on fire.  I ran down to get picture and all the men in the neighborhood ran to get water and shovels. (My family was embarrassed when I took of running around with my camera ha ha). The fire got put out right before the fire truck got  there.  I thought this picture of the cowboy fighting the fire was hilarious.  The rest of the night the kids ran around pretending to be firemen and Lydia said it was her favorite part of the whole day.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Camping Out

Lydia and Maddox tried to camp out in Beaver when we visited. I snuck outside and sat on the lawn and listened to there cute conversation. Maddox would ask Lydia to tell him what they were going to go do the next day. Lydia would tell him and then say goodnight again. This went on and on until Lydia fell asleep and Maddox came in because he didn't have anyone to talk to anymore. So Taylor ended up in the little two man tent with Lydia until they got to cold and came in at 5:00 AM. She was pretty proud that she stayed out for most of the night.